Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Character info

Choose a gender.
Choose a place of birth. Where is your character from?

Choose a hobby.
Trying to escape.

Choose a present job.

Choose a past love interest.
She used to be deeply attached to a sunflower seed that she carried around and slept with. Now it’s a piece of dried corn.

Choose an enemy.
The sinister hands that come down and take her out of her cage.

Why is your character not working at the old job?

What is the life purpose of your character?
To successfully escape and see what’s beyond the cage.

Why is your character not with the old love interest?
It got thrown away in a cage cleaning

Why does your character not make the hobby a profession?
She needs to spend time eating, sleeping, and scheming.

How did your character make the enemy?
The hands have always been there.

What is your character afraid off?
Having her cage cleaned, or losing her piece of corn.

What does he / she think about?
Food, escaping.

What is their main obstacle in life?
The mesh top on the cage.

What is the one thing in the world your character would do anything in the world to have? Why? What has he already done to try to obtain it? What does he hope to try in the future?
She’s come up with several tactics to escape and has almost been successful on several occasions.

What is his/ her strengths and weaknesses?
She’s surprisingly fast and a good jumper, but she’s not terribly smart and she tends to try the same thing over and over.

What is your character's name? What is your character's age, and physical description.
Cashew. About 3 months old. White with beige spots.

What type of friends does he have?

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